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Monoclonal antibodies against M.tuberculosis:

Anti lipoarabinomannan (LAM) – IgG1, IgG2b and IgM
Anti Phosphoinositol mannoside (PIM) – IgG1, IgG2b and IgM
Anti lipomannan (LM) – IgG1, IgM
Bi- and tri-specific chimeric monoclonal antibodies against LAM-PIM, LAM-LM, LAM-LM-PIM
Anti ESAT6 – IgG
Anti CFP10 – IgG
Anti Ag85A and Ag85B – IgG
Anti HSP65 – IgG
Anti mpt32 and mpt64 – IgG

Other monoclonal antibodies:

Anti pneumococcal C polysaccharide- IgG
Anti phosphorylcholine – IgG
Anti phosphorylcholine – IgM


M.tuberculosis antigens:

Recombinant ESAT6
Recombinant CFP10
Recombinant Ag85B
Recombinant Mpt32
Recombinant Mpt64
LAM glycolipid
PIM glycolipid

Other antigens:

Salmonella thyphimurium LPS
Salmonella Dublin LPS
Salmonella Infantis LPS
Salmonella Cholerae suis LPS
Brucella abortus LPS


Buffers and other reagents

Specimen stabilizing buffer for carbohydrate containing samples
Urine stabilizing buffer
Synthetic Urine
Magnetic-gold particles
Immune-complex dissociation buffer
Conjugate stabilizing buffer

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